What Can Shopify Plus Scalable Platform Offer to Your Enterprise

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Discover some of the best Shopify Plus features and what can this ecommerce scalable platform offer to your enterprise!


Shopify Plus is one of the best Shopify’s cloud-based enterprise solutions. This solution manages to process billions of dollars of revenue a year. Shopify Plus is perfect for companies and businesses with ever-growing stores. With the newest introduction of multi-channel features, Shopify Plus is also popular for businesses that are new to online selling.

The platform has been awarded as the best ecommerce software and this success comes from the incredible out of box features and functionality that allow simple user management and uncomplicated installations.

Here, we present to you some of the best Shopify Plus features:

    • Real & Fair Prices: One of the best features Shopify Plus scalable platform offers is the relatively low, real, and fair prices. There are no added transaction fees and you’ll pay a flat subscription every month. This is a pretty good deal. The price for using Shopify Plus starts at $1500-2000 per month. We recommend you to discuss with the team and calculate the monthly cost together.
    • Advanced Scalability: Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth with SaaS web hosting meaning you will receive a flexible, supported, and reliable solution that can handle 8000 orders/minute. The platform also comes with advanced API that helps retailers achieve more with integrations like connecting to accounting systems and CRM.
    • Customer-Friendly Customization Features: One great thing that Shopify platform couldn’t offer and now Shopify Plus certainly can is the ability to offer adaptable, stylish, and simple layouts that are responsive. You can customize any template according to your own personal preferences, including changing the homepage layout, typography, header and footer menu, color formatting, and more. Shopify Plus also allows for CSS and Javascript control.

  • Seamless Checkout System: Shopify Plus uses a domain checkout with customizable SCSS and CSS liquid code capabilities. We must say that this is the most notable improvement from Shopify.
  • Welcoming of High-Volume Traffic: If you are a fan of promotions and flash sales, Shopify Plus is definitely the right ecommerce platform for you! Launchpad is the newest surprise for Shopify Plus merchants and is designed for product launches and flash sales. The system allows retailers to schedule adjustments to their store including product pricing, theme-level changes, temporary site lock, and etc.

Now that you are informed what can Shopify Plus scalable software offer to your enterprise, we hope you know which platform is best for you!